Swim outlet.com: website traffic, conversion, and revenue analysis

This past week in class we talked about website traffic and analyzed amazon’s ability to bring more consumers to their site. We looked at amazon’s ability to generate traffic, revenue and conversions. Professor Pepe has assigned us to analyze a website related to our blog topic, so I have chosen swimoutlet.com.   Swim outlet is the place to go for all swimming and water polo gear. One piece swim suits can be ridiculously overpriced, but swim outlet sells name brand suits at a discounted price.

The first thing I looked at was the site’s ability to generate traffic.  Swim outlet does have a lot of direct traffic because it is a well-known site in the aquatics world. They sponsor competitions like water polo tournaments and swim meets all across the country. This helps the site get direct traffic since people who see these advertisements for the site are then more likely to visit.  Swim outlet also uses paid referral traffic to increase their amount of traffic on their page. Paid referral is when the site pays to have be on a banner ad on another site.  For example in the photo below there is an ad for swim outlet on the bottom of a swimming news site called swim swam.


The next thing to look at on swim outlet.com is the sites ability to drive conversions. For a retail website the site owner’s intentions are for the consumer to make a purchase. The more this happens the higher their conversion rate is. To maximize conversions swim outlet has options to make the search process simpler. When I search “women’s water polo suit,” several options on the side bar appear to narrow down the search. This way consumers can pull out the specific type of brand they want and spend less time searching.   Making the process easier is one way to improve the conversion rate.

The final thing to look at in this analysis of swim outlet is revenue maximization. One way a site maximizes revenue is when they suggest add on purchases through the checkout process.  Swim outlet does this when looking at your cart they offer suggestions of similar products that you also might be interested in. This increases the likelihood that customers will buy more products and thus maximize potential revenue.



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