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Every day one of my rituals includes deleting countless numbers of promotional emails from different companies offering newsletters, services, discounts, promotions, and special time sensitive deals.  One email list that I subscribe to is USA water polo.  I became a part of this email list a few years ago when I was required to sign up for a membership with USA water polo in order to participate in a water polo tournament. Since then I have been receiving monthly emails from USA water polo, even though I am no longer a member.   As seen in the screenshot below there are not too many emails from USA water polo that I end up opening, I actually have opened about two of these emails a year.  Here I will look at a few of these emails from this list and examine the content.

Screenshot (18)

The most recent email I received was on March 22.  The subject line read, “USA Water Polo E-Newsletter March 2017.”  Personally I am drawn to open an email like this because I am interested in water polo news and there are not very many outlets to find content related to water polo compiled together like this newsletter has arranged.  Also, since it is March and currently women’s collegiate water polo season, I thought this email may have some relevant information that I would find useful.   However, generally the subject line is not very enticing and does not give much clue as to what sort of content could be included in this email.  This email contained about nine top stories to read, and included a brief summary and a link to click for the rest of the story. This newsletter did include an article about college water polo rankings that I was interested in reading.  The balance of the content seemed to pertain to a broad range of people.  I do think that this email was sent to all the members of USA water polo’s email list and this email was not specifically segmented to me.  But I think that the content varied enough so that each age group that has an affiliation with USA water polo would have something to read in this newsletter.  There was only one promotion for a purchase of a jacket, and this was featured at the very bottom of the email.  I think this was good that there was a limited amount of intention to make a purchase on this email because the purpose of the email was to provide news stories, and if there was an overwhelming call to purchase products I would not have been interested in this email.   The objective of this email was accomplished. It provided an update on a range of topics happening in the water polo community, and included timely information that a broad segment of individuals would be interested in.

The next email I looked at was a newsletter from August 31, 2016.   This newsletter included the same format as the one I previously looked at.  This email featured stories that were relevant in the month of August.  Popular content in this email included stories on the men’s and women’s US Olympic teams on their performance in Rio. Related to this at the bottom of the page featured a team USA t-shirt from the Olympic games in Rio.  I think in this case they could have included more products related to team USA because their win in Rio caused a lot of support in the water polo community.  I personally would have been interested in purchasing gear from USA water polo that related to the national team, and featuring this content directly on this email would have been an easy way to reach potential customers.  The subject line of this email was the same as the previous one.  Like the case of the previous email I was drawn to opening the email because during the month of August because I was very interested in reading about team USA’s performance as mentioned in the article that was featured.

The two newsletters that I looked at from USA water polo had effectively helped to build up the brand.  Once I actually opened them to check them out I realized that I was pretty interested in the content distributed through the newsletters. I think if USA water polo wanted to expand its content and improve its views they could take a more segmented approach to their distribution.  I personally would like to see more information related to the collegiate water polo.  USA water polo could create different newsletters and send them to each age group in the segment so that the content distributed is related to the people it is sent to.

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