Our most recent assignment for Digital Marketing is to create an exceptional linked in profile.  Linked in is an incredibly valuable tool to market yourself to potential employers.  With a linked in profile you can distinguish yourself from other applicants by highlighting your unique skills and experiences.   There are a number of strategies to improve your linked in profile and to use the site to your best advantage in your career.

When I visited my Linked in profile to complete this assignment I realized that my profile was in need of a lot of work. I already had a picture uploaded and I only had a summer job listed for experience, so I needed to put some work in to tidy up my profile.   The content on a linked in profile is much more important than what I have published on my personal social media accounts.   Luckily, there are plenty of resources to consult in order to check that I included the necessary components in making a top-notch profile.  The first step in cleaning up my profile was to fill in all of my relevant work experience.   I made sure that my URL was customized to include just my name and omit any other unnecessary numbers.  I updated my headline to say, “Student-Athlete at Siena College.”  I could have used my current job which is Lifeguard at Siena College but I think this one most accurately sums up how I spend most of my time.   Below work experience I filled in my volunteering experience over the past few years, and a list of skills that I have gained through my experience.

The most challenging and possibly most important section of the profile is the summary section. There is a lot of freedom to write about yourself in this section and it is a place to showcase your uniqueness and creativity.  In this section I used the space to explain what I am currently doing at Siena and what my summer plans are for an internship. This is a great spot on the profile to let people know about yourself and future plans. I was unsure of where to list my summer internship plans since I am not currently holding that position but I wanted to mention that it was in my plans and this was the right spot to indicate this.

Once the content of the profile is up to date and ready to be shown off to all of those potential employers it is important to start building up your network.  There are great resources to use with a linked in network.   Linked in offers alumni tools that show a compilation of data of people in your own alumni networks.  I have joined the Siena alumni group along with my high school alumni group. I found this very beneficial because you can see what fields and companies Siena grads are working in and even narrow it down to their location as well. This gives you an even better opportunity to network with people who are in your field and use your mutual background as a way to reach out and get advice from fellow Siena graduates.

Screenshot (22)

Linked In is an invaluable tool that allows users to personally market themselves through their profile. It offers beneficial features that enables users to showcase their experience and skills, and allows room to differentiate yourself from others.   In the constantly evolving digital age it is important to craft an exceptional profile in order to promote your personal brand to potential employers.


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